Halloween DIY Home Decorating

Have a spooktacular Halloween with these easy DIY crafts to hang around the home! If you haven't got time to go to the shops or have forgotten about Halloween and now the kids are nagging to decorate, try these handy ideas, using a lot of things that you may have hanging around the house already...


#1 Old jam jars come become your best friend at Halloween. Wrap in muslin cloth or crepe paper, stick on some googly eyes and whack a light inside. Hooray.

#2 Use a plastic glove or an unused washing up glove, fill it with water or your beverage of choice and tie a rubber band really tightly around the end. Put it in the freezer and whenever necessary, cut the glove off. Voila…creepy frozen hand 

#3 Ever make snowflakes out of paper…well, this is the same idea except make sure to tape down one side and instead of cutting triangles cut strips down one side…

#4 Bat Lamp…simply cut out Halloween themed shapes from black paper or card and attach to a plain lampshade with double-sided tape for easy removal… you could do pumpkins, bats, cats etc…

#5 Frankenstein your front door… simply cut out of card the necessary features to turn your front door into a Halloween character…

#6 Glow sticks and toilet rolls have never been so freaky! Cut eye holes in different shapes out of old toilet rolls and place a glow stick instead, place in hedges or in plant pots outside.

#7 Pumpkin Fan Faces … For each decoration, you'll need to accordion-fold 8 1/2-by-11-inch sheets of coloured paper, making 1/2- or 3/4-inch fold the fold them in half to make a fan. Use a glue stick to attach strips to fans, and fans to one another, forming a circle. Add a face and some string and hang where desired.

#8 Using the coloured card and some string you can create a variety of different bunting styles…letters, shapes or traditional triangles…just be sure to use a hole punch twice at the top of each piece to thread your string through.


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